Monday, 5 December 2011

Night Force Scopes

Nightforce is one of the international names to recon with, in the market of hunting and shooting riflescopes. This giant brand has captured a larget pie of the market by making a smooth supply of high quality optics. Nightforce has cut a mark with the users of scopes from all different layers of the economic ladder. The reputation that the brand has developed over the past few years bears testimony to the design and technology excellence of Nightforce optics. Here is a sneak peek at the building blocks of Nightforce's global market reputation: 

Night Force is always on the front burner as a leading manufacturer of compact and precise riflescopes. Night force scopes are highly preferred by the military units across the globe. You may be wondering at why Night Force scopes earn rave reviews from optical technologists and hunting experts. It is primarily because of the following specifications:
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Compact configuration
  • Solid contruction
  • Precise body design
  • Accurate functionality
  • Superb optical clarity
  • Exceptional durability
Nightforce has exclusive three lines of scopes under its label. The lines are Nightforce F1, Nightforce NXS and Nightforce Benchrest. Given below is a brief overview of each of the Night Force lines:

Nightforce F1: The front focal plane with reticle is an advantageous specification of the Nightforce F1 scopes. The F1 scopes are exceptionally fast with a remarkable ability applicable to targets at a varying range of distance. While using the Night Force scope of the F1 line, the shooter can be sure of having a special advantage under high-stress circumstances where distance varies and speed is a special requirement. These scopes with Zero Stop turrets on them promise speed and efficiency to the users.

Nightforce NXS: Night Force NXS scopes are exclusively designed for the military small arms. These scopes facilitate easy lower mounting on rifles and arms. Offering the large field of view , Nightforce NXS is an asset of great value to law enforcement. The NXS scopes come with flexible internal adjustments. Scopes of the Night Force NXS come with variable 3.5-15x magnification ensuring tremendous flexibility.

Nightforce Benchrest: The scope models of the Nightforce Benchrest boast a number of impressive features. The features include a 56mm objective lens with multi-layer coating. The lens provides enough resolution to identify fine details of the target at a long distance and at low light conditions. The objective diameter of these Night Force scopes is adjustable. The scopes come fitted with a coil adjustment return system that helps increase the tracking accuracy.